Walmart LOL

It's Friday, it's been a long week, so we all need a little humour to get the weekend started. Thankfully a Walmart employee has served up a clanger for us to enjoy, though it's a mistake with an undeniable logic to it, regardless.

As you can see above, someone baffled by the whole anti-gravity thing in Mario Kart 8 has decided that Mario's chubby face being the right way up in a poster is the priority, and unimportant stuff like the title and all text doesn't necessarily have to be readable. In theory, it works, as it inadvertently highlights the fact that the game's main new feature is the ability to drive on tracks that are upside down.

It's humorous, though we should be fair and point out that mistakes like this can easily happen. As anyone with history working in retail knows, part of the job is pretending to understand a load of products in which you have no interest or background knowledge.

Yet still, nice to see Nintendo's marketing and branding, even in better examples like this MK8 art, getting mis-appropriated and presented in a confusing manner. Walmart, we salute you.