Bet that's a lot of rocks to clear

If you're the superstitious type, you might be cowering at the fact that today is both Friday the 13th and the rising of a full moon; a doubly "unlucky" coincidence. If you're a Harvest Moon or Lufia fan, however, today's news from Natsume brings much more benevolent tidings.

Natsume has posted a roundup of their 3DS digital titles on Twitter, including two Game Boy Color reveals from E3: Harvest Moon 2 and Lufia: The Legend Returns.


Both titles are currently listed as "Coming Soon." The other titles listed are all currently available, with Yumi's Odd Odyssey currently on discount in North America until 15th June.

Are you thinking of picking up either retro title, or is your interest in them waning? Let us know in the comments.