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Those of you who picked up Tomodachi Life last week will probably be aware that the game comes with two "Welcome Version" editions (known as "Move-In" in North America), which can be shared with your friends so they can get a small taster of Nintendo's quirky and addictive life simulation.

The Welcome Version is a stripped-down offering of the main game, with limited content compared to the full package — but as a bonus for trying the sample, newcomers are rewarded with two panda suits, one of which they can trade with the person who gave them the code.

Want to know how to share the Welcome Version and bag your panda suit? Read on...

Locate The Welcome Version Code

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If you bought Tomodachi Life at retail then you'll find the two codes on a leaflet inside the packaging. The codes can be torn off and given to your friends, and feature a scratch panel with the code underneath.

If you purchased the game on the 3DS eShop, then you'll see your codes immediately after you pay. The codes will also be present on the eShop receipt for the purchase, should you need to consult them at a later time.

Download the Welcome Version via the 3DS eShop

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The Welcome Version code must be redeemed on the eShop in the same way you would redeem a voucher code. Open the eShop application on your 3DS and top the Menu button in the top-left corner. Scroll down to "Settings / Other" and then select "Redeem Download Code". Input the Welcome Version code and the download will begin.

Once your friend has installed the Welcome Version, they can send you the exclusive panda suit as a thank you. Everyone's a winner!

Of course, you may be one of the many people out there who wants a code for the Welcome Version but doesn't know anyone with the full game. Alternatively, you could have the full game and have nobody to give your Welcome Version code to. Fear not, we're here to help — simply post your code in the comments section below, along with the region in brackets (either EU or NA). If you claim a code, please reply to the comment making it clear that it has been used.

Have you shared your Welcome Version with any of your 3DS-owning friends? Has it convinced them to shell out for the full version? Let us know with a comment.