Bayonetta Wii U

An E3 announcement from Nintendo that flashed by but nevertheless raised eyebrows in the Nintendo Life office was confirmation that a Wii U version of Bayonetta will be included with copies of Bayonetta 2, a welcome bonus that'll give Nintendo gamers the opportunity to jump into the sequel with all the context they need. The original will have new features, too, including GamePad controls — namely optional touch screen moves — and some rather entertaining Nintendo extras such as skins, pictured above.

There was a minor kerfuffle immediately after the announcement due to the official website suggesting that only physical retail copies come with the extra game, wording that has still not been replaced. It was confirmed in a subsequent official post on Facebook, however, that a Bayonetta download code comes with both retail and eShop versions, which should please everyone.

Or not, as the case may be, as it's emerged that physical retail copies in Japan will have the remastered original on a separate disc, which is sure to make some in the West green with envy. On top of that, this arrives in Japan on 20th September, whereas in the West we have a loose October release window.

We should point out that, regardless, Bayonetta 2 owners will get an enhanced version of the original game as an extra. If you're in Japan, though, you just happen to get it on a disc.