Gaist Crusher

Back in January, we took a look at Capcom's Gaist Crusher. Developed by renowned Japanese game studio Treasure, the title — perhaps most accurately described as Diet Monster Hunter — is part of a multimedia franchise spanning manga, anime, and a line of collectible toys.

Gaist Crusher met with a lukewarm reception (our own Import Gaming Expert found the game well below Treasure's usual standards), but Capcom is keeping the franchise in the fight with a sequel: Gaist Crusher God, due 4th September — less than a year after the original's December 2013 release.

In the trailer below, Capcom puts on display more of the franchise's fast-paced, shounen-shouting antics; with such a short span between titles, it seems reasonable to suggest this won't do much to change up the big-baddie-battling formula introduced in the original. As before, up to four players can participate in cooperative play, and characters from the first game can be imported for use in Gaist Crusher God.

With middling sales being the catalyst for such a quick sequel, it should come as no surprise that Capcom has yet to announce either Gaist Crusher or its successor for Western release. Are you interested in seeing Capcom and Treasure's collaboration come to North America and Europe?