How do you like your battles?

There's more than one way to experience Child of Light, and the developers are hoping to make that a bit clearer by renaming the title's two difficulty settings. Instead of "Normal" and "Hard", there will be "Casual" and "Expert."

Writer Jeffrey Yohalem mentioned during a livestream event with Joystiq that the changes would be coming with a future patch. According to him, the semantics have caused some problems in interpretation of the modes:

This has been an issue, obviously, that some people have had, and I think that the word 'normal' is a misrepresentation. ... Or, rather, implying that there's one way to play that's normal is, I think, too strong.

So which setting would be best for you? Yohalem provided his take:

Casual is for people that want to experience the world and experience the adventure without having hard combat, and then expert is for people who love RPGs and who want to really have a challenge.

More on Child of Light, including behind-the-scenes info on its creation, can be discovered through the livestream.