Mario Happy Meal Toys

Not so long ago there was a Super Mario range of McDonald's Happy Meal toys in the UK; restaurants near Nintendo Life HQ reported increased sales to late 20s / early 30s bearded men, some of whom had no children in tow to justify their visit. We even did an unboxing.

The same wave of enthusiasm for cheap food and collectible plastic toys is set to engulf Malaysia, too, as a fresh range of Super Mario toys are available in the country from today. Importantly, they're different toys to those we recently saw in the UK, which naturally fills us with envy. As you can see above Toad and Luigi miss out in favour of Mario in various outfits, including his snazzy Boomerang and Penguin threads. Princess Peach also makes an appearance after her absence in the UK, too.

Have you had your fill of Super Mario Happy Meal toys in your country over the past year, or are you green with envy at the variations now available in Malaysia?

Thanks to Rei for the tip.