WUP N WKSE Gameplay 4

After the original version established itself among the top-tier of WiiWare games, Wii U owners may be pleased to hear that Swords & Soldiers HD is due very soon — it'll arrive on the eShop in North America and Europe on 22nd May at a budget price of $2.99 / €2.99 / £2.69.

Below are the updated features being advertised by publisher Two Tribes:

  • The classic Swords & Soldiers experience.
  • Playable with custom touch scheme on GamePad.
  • Playable with Wii remote on TV.
  • Multiplayer mode combining GamePad and TV.
  • High res HD graphics compared to SD Wii release.
  • The ultimate BBQ sauce.

We've been playing this one a bit already, and had positive impressions to share in our Swords & Soldiers HD preview.

Are you a fan of the original, and are you tempted to dive in with this updated version on Wii U? Let us know.