DK Jungle

After an opening week in which three players dominated the Nintendo Life tournaments, we're now up and running on this week's competition — the NLife Open is underway now with the code 38-1178-3488-9460. As promised, however, your votes in a variety of polls set the requirements for the NLife Masters, even if we did have to limit choices to stop the vote being over-cautious.

The results are in, so the following rules will form the competition.

  • DK Jungle
  • Stroke Play
  • Tournament Tees
  • Only Mii characters
  • Auto items
  • No Club Slots
  • Coins enabled
  • Normal wind

We hereby declare the second NLife Masters open — it'll run until Friday 23rd May at 3pm UK time / 10am Eastern. Below is the tournament number and instructions on how to find it.

  • Tournament Number — 15-5005-3712-4718
  • To access it go to "Quick Round Mario Golf", "Tournaments, "Private Tournament", "Search by Code" and then enter the tournament code above

So there you have it — the results and winners for both the NLife Open and NLife Masters will be announced on Friday 23rd May, along with details of the next tournament. Enjoy!