As you may have guessed from all the Mario Kart 8 articles, today is the Wii U title's launch day. A happy occasion for many Wii U owners, certainly, and one being celebrated in various ways.

One such celebration that we think you'll enjoy is this album, Rainbow Road Adventures from musician and Nintendo Life regular Shiryu. It has six versions of the Rainbow Road theme from various past entries in the series, with each one remixed in Orchestral, Electro and Chiptune styles. One little twist is that one of the tracks covered is actually from the "F-Zero X Expansion Kit" on the Nintendo 64DD.

You can listen to the whole album below, while if you want to download it you can do so on Bandcamp for €4 — or your regional amount; alternatively you can get a free copy from Check it out and let us, and of course Shiryu, know what you think.