Bayonetta 2 Banner

Following its recent financial results report, Nintendo has issued some supplementary information that includes release dates and windows of major upcoming titles. Following the trend of the last quarterly update juicy dates are held back, presumably in favour of later reveals, though a couple of Wii U titles have releases that are a little more pinned down.

The latest update, for example, lists Bayonetta 2 for a Japanese release this summer, an update from a vague '2014' window in January's equivalent report. The Western regions do still simply have the whole year as a window, however, so it's unclear whether localisation efforts could delay the PlatinumGames sequel — exclusive to Nintendo's console — to later than in Japan.

Hyrule Warriors, meanwhile, was announced as targeting a summer 2014 Japanese release by Tecmo Koie in its own financial briefing, though Nintendo's update doesn't specify for its homeland. The Zelda / Dynasty Warriors mash-up is still simply listed as 2014 for North America and Europe, however.

It's possible these titles are on the way as soon as this summer in the West and are awaiting official announcements, though it should also be considered that localisation may delay their arrival. Time will tell, but it looks like an exciting summer-time for Wii U owners in Japan.