Twisted Fusion

Among the many projects making their way to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, some are targeting the Wii U as exclusive platforms. We've had Hex Heroes launch a campaign seeking $80,000; now we have Twisted Fusion arriving with a Wii U-only goal.

This has a modest initial goal of £3000, a target that'll bring us the core game; it's an "open platformer" which will include some exploration and plenty of jumping and shooting — the water-based weapon perhaps brings Mutant Mudds to mind. It'll have a day / night cycle, while UK-based developer Lewis Pugh has told Nintendo Everything that it'll also have adjustable difficulty settings on the GamePad, similar to the equivalent mechanic in Kid Icarus: Uprising; it's also another title utilising the Nintendo Web Framework.

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That's all dependent on funding, of course, while there are multiple stretch goals that would add additional modes and stages. You can check out the pitch below.

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