The Wii U eShop is attracting a number of multi-platform projects that are certainly catching the eye, but the number of exclusives is relatively slim. Thankfully there may soon be another to join those such as Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails; should an upcoming Kickstarter campaign succeed we could see a "party RTS" (real time strategy) game called Hex Heroes on the Wii U eShop.

There's some pedigree behind this project, with artist and co-developer of popular PC title The Bridge heading up Hex Heroes — fans of retro Rare classics may also be excited to know that Grant Kirkhope will be working on the soundtrack. It's easy to see why this will be a Wii U exclusive, meanwhile, as it supports up to five players at once — one uses the GamePad to oversee progress and communicate with four others playing on the ground via the TV. As you'd expect of a real time strategy game tasks will include "harvesting resources, building structures, fending off enemies, and exploring dangerous territories".

The official website for the game's developer, Prismatic Games, explains how the aim is to produce a game suitable for all players.

We’re developing Hex Heroes with all ages in mind. This is going to be a game where the core can become really skilled with their class combo and take their strategies to the online battlefields. It’s also going to be a game where your little brother/sister/son/daughter can play on the TV hacking and slashing and helping you out on the gamepad. WIth the gamepad and asymmetric gameplay, Hex Heroes will be able to cater to all levels of skills and will have something for everyone. We’re core gamers at heart, but with the Wii U, we’ve been able to include our family or friends that aren’t as skilled and have just as much fun – we’re looking to replicate that feeling.

As highlighted at the top of this article, the developers will launch a Kickstarter campaign to try and fund the project; that'll begin on 25th March. A trailer for that — with early development footage — is below, with the initial visuals also showing the board game "model figurines" that'll populate the world. In addition the studio has given us first access to a couple of concept art examples yet to be published elsewhere.

Check them out below and let us know what you think.

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