N3 DS Tomodachi Life Illustration

Tomodachi Life made quite an impact when it was revealed in gloriously wacky Nintendo Direct broadcasts last week, as an audience outside of Japan was given a clearer insight into how the Mii-sim works, and perhaps why it should jump to the top of some wishlists.

We've been fortunate enough to spend some time with this — we'll post some impressions later today — and have also discovered that it's not too punishing on our SD cards. The European version of the game, with some variation possible in the North American equivalent, is just 3391 blocks; that converts to around 424MB (megabytes), or just 0.41GB (gigabytes) — not bad if you're considering the eShop version.

Its small size shouldn't detract from its potential merits, however, which we'll outline more in our first impressions to follow shortly.

Are you excited about Tomodachi Life ahead of its release — in North America and Europe — on 6th June?