Mario Golf

This week brings a Euro Nintendo Download packed full of tantalising downloadable delights.

3DS retail

Mario Golf: World Tour (Nintendo, £34.99/€39.99) - Grab your clubs and bring fun to the fore in Mario Golf: World Tour! Join Mario and friends for engrossing golf action on your own, or tee off with players from all over the world in thrilling online multiplayer matches. Master a range of courses sure to test even the most experienced player. It’s not all lush greens and blue skies though – take to the fairway on sandy shores, or shoot for the pin on courses inspired by the world of Mario! Check out our Mario Golf: World Tour if you want to know if this lands a hole in one or not.

You can get a free download code for Mario Golf (Game Boy Color) if you purchase Mario Golf: World Tour from Nintendo eShop by 29/05/2014. Mario Golf (Game Boy Color) is exclusively available through this offer until 29/05/2014. It will be available for purchase from 29/05/2014 for €4.99 (£4.49). If you take advantage of this offer, you can download it before the official release for free. The download code will be shown on the screen after purchase, and also on your receipt. You can redeem it immediately on your Nintendo 3DS system or redeem it on any other Nintendo 3DS system later. The download code is valid until 30/06/2014.

Mario Golf: World Tour DLC:

  • Mario Golf World Tour: Free-Trial Course Pack - Free
  • Mario Golf World Tour: Mushroom Pack - £5.39/€5.99
  • Mario Golf World Tour: Three-Pack Set - £10.79/€11.99

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (NIS America, £34.99/€39.99) - Etria is a land that has long welcomed explorers, yet even they will discover stories untold. In Story mode, you will encounter the mystery of the maiden who has lived a thousand years. Should you brave Classic mode, you'll experience the beautifully upgraded version of the original Etrian adventure, with new 3D graphics and gameplay improvements. Finally available in Europe, this was really well received in our North American Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl review last year.

Hometown Story (Rising Star Games, £29.99/€29.99) - From Yasuhiro Wada, the father of the Harvest Moon series, comes a new heart-warming experience full of fun, laughter and excitement. Prepare yourself for a whole new life as you create your own Hometown Story! Having inherited a run-down shop, it’s up to you to return to your hometown and turn the place into something your late grandmother would have been proud of. Join forces with a magical sprite named Pochica and make new friends as the town grows along with your success. Expand the shop, discover fantastic new wares to sell, go on exciting adventures and even meet the partner of your dreams! We'll be reviewing this one very soon.

Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst (MSL, £10.79/€11.99)

Azada (MSL, £10.79/€11.99)

3DS eShop

Cave Story (Nicalis, £6.00/€7.25) - Cave Story takes you into a rare world where a curious race of innocent rabbit-like creatures, called Mimiga, run free. You wake up in a dark cave with no memory of who you are, where you came from or why you're in such a place. Uncovering Mimiga Village you discover that the once-carefree Mimiga are in danger at the hands of a maniacal scientist. Their only hope rests squarely on the shoulders of a quiet, amnesiac boy who can't remember his own name. Take control and learn the origins of this world’s power, stop the delusional villain and save the Mimiga. We reviewed the North American version of the game back in 2012 and really liked it. We can only hope that publisher Nicalis gets their act together for future releases in Europe.

3DS Virtual Console

Galaga (Namco Bandai, £4.49/€4.99) - A game that probably needs no introduction. Here's our review of Galaga on the 3DS eShop if you want to know more.

3DS Demos

THE "DENPA" MEN 3 The Rise of Digitoll (Genius Sonority)

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (Atlus)

Wii U eShop

Child of Light (Ubisoft, £11.99/€14.99) - Child of Light is a coming-of-age story about a young girl named Aurora from 1895 Austria who wakes up to find herself on the lost fairy-tale continent of Lemuria. To get home she must fight against the dark creatures of the Queen of the Night, who have stolen the sun, the moon and the stars. Help her on her quest to save the Kingdom of Lemuria from the Dark Queen's tyranny by bringing back the three sources of Light! Watch out for our upcoming review.

Stick it to the Man (Ripstone, £6.99/€7.99) - On an ordinary day, hard hat tester Ray has a bizarre accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain, giving him extraordinary mind-reading powers. Ray can suddenly change the world with stickers, transforming his paper universe by tearing it, folding it and using the crazy stickers he finds (along with his awesome new powers) to solve mind-boggling puzzles! Sadly, Ray doesn't have much time to get to grips with his new psychic abilities. Instead, he’s on the run from ‘The Man’ for a crime he didn’t commit. Can you help Ray out of this sticky situation? Get ready to tear it, rip it and Stick it to the Man!

Wii U Virtual Console

Castlevania II Simon's Quest (Konami, £3.49/€4.99) - Simon Belmont is back with another quest. Check out our Castlevania II Simon's Quest review for Wii U eShop.

Those are the choices this week, Europe. Let us know what you're planning to pick up in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (195 votes)

  1. Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS retail)16%
  2. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (3DS retail)4%
  3. Hometown Story (3DS retail)2%
  4. Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst (3DS retail)  0%
  5. Azada (3DS retail)  0%
  6. Cave Story (3DS eShop)15%
  7. Galaga (3DS Virtual Console)1%
  8. Demo - THE "DENPA" MEN 3 The Rise of Digitoll (3DS eShop)4%
  9. Demo - Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (3DS retail)5%
  10. Child of Light (Wii U eShop)26%
  11. Castlevania II Simon's Quest (Wii U Virtual Console)4%
  12. Nothing for me this week!25%

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