The recently announced Magmar and Electabuzz distribution event for Pokémon X & Y in the UK has now extended to Australian shores. The news comes as no surprise given the fact these are some of the few Pokémon events Australia consistently receives year after year, without fail.

To acquire the Kanto Pokémon, Aussies will need to visit one of the three participating retailers (EB Games, JB Hifi or Target) between 11th April - 11th May and pick up a free code. Once the code has been input into either X or Y, players must visit the Pokémon Center and collect their Pokémon.

Pokémon X owners will receive the Fire-type Pokémon Magmar, whilst Pokemon Y players will receive the Electric-type Pokémon Electabuzz. Both have the necessary items attached (Magmarizer & Electirizer) allowing them to evolve into their third forms (Magmortar & Electivire) when traded. Those fortunate enough to receive a code (while stocks last), must claim the Pokémon in their game by 30th September, 2014.


In related news, Australians and New Zealanders will once again have the opportunity to compete in the Pokémon Video Game World Championships via success in the Pokémon Video Game Australian National and Regional Championships.

No dates are set in place just yet, but an announcement of some form will be made in the coming weeks on the recently launched Nintendo Australia Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay tuned!

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