If there's one thing that can be guaranteed with any major generational release of Pokémon, it's special distribution events. Pokémon X & Y is no different, and The Pokémon Company International has announced an upcoming distribution in collaboration with GAME in the UK that will not only give players an iconic 'mon, but also promote the Pokémon Trading Card Game through free samples.

To start with the important business of the Pokémon to be distributed, these will be Magmar for Pokémon X and Electabuzz for Pokémon Y — both of these 'mon appeared in the original Pokémon Red and Blue, and will be holding a a Magmarizer and Electirizer, respectively, so that when traded Magmar will evolve into Magmorta and Electabuzz will evolve into Electivire. This distribution starts on 4th April.

The 'mon will be provided as redemption codes on printed receipts at request, while Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY sample packs will also be available while stock lasts; these "will include a special foil Pikachu card, plus one additional card from the Pokémon TCG: XY expansion".

If you watch children's TV in the UK you may see some adverts for this Easter promotion, too. Will you be heading out to GAME to get these 'mon and a free try of the Trading Card Game?


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