They're certainly having fun...

The 3DS Virtual Console has, in recent times, been somewhat dominated by NES games, rather than the Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles that typified its early months. While Capcom is preparing a Mega May which will bring us retro portable Mega Man games, it looks like Nintendo's also looking to bring more Game Boy Color to our lives.

The Australian ratings agency, so often the earliest indicator of games being brought to Australia, Europe and North America, has listed Game & Watch Gallery 3. This Game Boy Color title is likely, as a result, to be on the way to the 3DS Virtual Console; the rating was given on 8th April, but as always it's unclear how quickly that will convert into an eShop release.

These Gallery releases collated the classic Game & Watch games into retail packages when originally released, also using the portable to give them some colour. We were certainly fans of previous 3DS Virtual Console release Game & Watch Gallery 2 in our review, and this third entry also includes five initial games while having even more to unlock with progress.

Are you looking forward to this title's arrival on the 3DS Virtual Console?

Thanks to Zack for the tip.