Mega Man GB

How many times will we all buy old Mega Man games? Over and over again, judging by Capcom's actions, as it's lining up even more retro Blue Bomber adventures for Nintendo hardware; this time around the 3DS Virtual Console's getting the fun, adding to Game Boy title Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge and various NES entries that have already landed on the service.

This time around Capcom is rounding up six more games for the 3DS eShop; this includes the four remaining Game Boy titles in addition to two Game Boy Color releases:

These are due to start arriving in May in North America — previous form suggests that Europe may lag a little behind — and Capcom Unity is running a poll to give you a chance to choose which one will come first. The poll ends at 10am Pacific time on 14th April, with the winner arriving on 1st May; the remaining titles will then arrive in the following weeks as part of a 'Mega May'.

Are you excited about these arrivals on the 3DS Virtual Console and, most importantly, which do you want first?