Cosmochoria Wii U

One project that's been covered in our recent Kickstarter campaign summaries is Cosmochoria, originally a PC title that saw a worryingly large Wii U stretch goal drastically reduced once the developer learned of the relative potential ease of porting to Nintendo's system. As of our last update at the weekend it stood a good chance of hitting its target.

The good news is that the Wii U version is now confirmed, as a late burst in pledges has taken the project past the required $25,000 with over a day of fundraising remaining. Below is part of the developer's update regarding the news.

Because of your belief in me and this weird little game, it is now possible for me to bring Cosmochoria to the Wii U. A lot of work still has to happen to the game to get it completed in the time I was planning on doing so, but the good news is once the desktop version is complete, the very same code base will already be 'buildable' as a Wii U version and I can begin focussing on Wii U specific controls and features to get it ready for release on Nintendo's newest baby. I'll keep everyone closely up-to-date with the development progress, as I'll likely begin experimenting with stuff as early as June, so the ideas can percolate while I'm finishing the core game.

It looks like a colourful, quirky title, and one that could certainly suit the Wii U rather well. Check out its pitch video below and let us know whether it's on your radar for its eventual arrival on Nintendo's console.