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Last week brought us the launch of Yoshi's New Island, which was met with a decidedly mixed critical reaction. Despite that its success rests not in reviews but in the final results — its performance at retail and, of course, on the eShop. We have a chance to gauge part of its early performance courtesy of the weekly UK chart update, and the result is reasonable if unspectacular.

Yoshi's adventure has made its all-format chart début in 12th place, kept out of the top ten by two big-hitting new blockbusters — *Titanfall and Dark Souls II in the top two places — and a series of multi-platform releases. Though Nintendo's commercial performance in the UK is having its troubles, the 3DS remains a hugely popular device with an impressive userbase; in that respect this game may have hoped for a little better. The silver-lining is that in the single-format chart New Island does sneak into 10th place.

Back to the all-format chart and we have three other Nintendo exclusives in the top 40. Pokémon Y is in 30th place, lording it over its sibling Pokémon X in 35th position. Wii U title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is clinging on to a top 40 place in 39th, though with the current trends is likely to drop out next week.

A solid début for Yoshi, if unlikely to prompt many champagne corks to be popped at Nintendo HQ; it'll be interesting to see what momentum it can hold in the coming weeks.

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