Year of Luigi

Spring may be officially in the air today, but with it comes a bittersweet farewell. Following his announcement on 18th February that both the community and the company’s special activities would be ending, Shigeru Miyamoto brought Nintendo's Year of Luigi to an official close today through a post on Miiverse.

Thanking everyone for their support of Mario’s oft-overshadowed little brother, Miyamoto-san revealed a special page on Nintendo’s official website quilting together all the best bits of Luigi-centric love left on Miiverse. He also chose to end on an optimistic note, reminding fans to consistently “cheer on Luigi” despite the ending of his official year.

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your warm comments for Luigi!

We selected a few of the comments and placed them on our website. Just select the internet browser icon or the link at the end of this post to go to the page and have a look!

Well,, without further ado...

I hereby declare the Year of Luigi closed!

Thank you all so very much for your kind support over the course of the year!

Even though the Year of Luigi has come to a close, I hope you will continue to cheer on Luigi. Thank you!

It’s been a banner year for the green brother, with Luigi starring in multiple first-party heavy hitters as well as a smattering of others in his usual sidekick role. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, New Super Luigi U, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team all put Luigi at the forefront of Nintendo’s gaming lineup through 2013. There were also surprises, like the eShop-exclusive Dr. Luigi and special Year of Luigi Club Nintendo rewards. Any way you slice it, Luigi’s been making huge waves in video game news over the last year.

What are your feelings on the Year of Luigi’s official closure? Will you remain steadfast in your celebration of the little bro, or are you eagerly anticipating Nintendo’s next big celebration?