Last week we reported that, in addition to a free worldwide content update that added the Wii Sports Resort Wuhu Island course to Wii Sports Club: Golf, North American gamers were also receiving another free trial weekend, which kicks off today. We enquired at the time whether there'd be an equivalent trial in Europe and Australia, with no happy news coming back; thankfully, that trial is actually available worldwide this weekend.

Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo Australia, respectively, have confirmed details that match up to the North American equivalents. From 11am UK time / noon CET / 10pm AEDT on 21st March until 11:59pm UK time / 00:59 CET / 10:59am AEDT on 23rd / 24th March (depending on your region), you'll be able to enjoy all of the Wii Sports Clubs events for free.

The pass should kick in when you fire up the game — plus last week's free course update if you don't already have it — and Nintendo will no doubt hope that a weekend of Tennis, Bowling and Golf will tempt more Wii U owners into picking up Club Passes for each respective event.

It seems we can all look forward to some free sport on Wii U this weekend — will you be giving it a whirl?