Wii Sports Club Golf Resort

Nintendo's certainly been busy with its updates this week, conducting eShop maintenance and updating both Steel Diver: Sub Wars and Wii Fit U. We can now add Wii Sports Club to the mix, though the update is to give us additional content rather than fix or improve minor bugs.

This new and free content is for Wii Sports Club: Golf, with the 9-hole course from Wii Sports Resort now included. You can either take it on in part or as a whole, or complete 18 holes with one of the other courses originally included — Classic and Lakeside. There's a software update waiting for you when you next run the game, which will add this Resort course and boost your total available holes from 18 to 27.

In addition Nintendo of America is providing another free trial next week for those yet to purchase the permanent "Club Pass" for the respective sports. The region has confirmed that Wii Sports Club will be free to use in full from 9am Pacific / noon Eastern on 21st March until 11:59pm Pacific time on 23rd March. Even if you've used a free trial before you'll still be eligible for this offer, and we'll enquire as to whether a similar trial is coming to Europe.

The Resort Golf course is available right now in Europe and North America. Will you be digging out your virtual clubs for a round?