Mario 64 Remake

Fans just can't get enough of retro Nintendo games, often recording themselves on speed-runs or producing animations, short films and music albums dedicated to various classics of years gone by. Some go a step further and decide to do their own remakes of the classics, no doubt hoping that their humble efforts aren't shut down by over-zealous publishers.

We know that Capcom is pretty happy to let fans run riot with the Mega Man franchise, and wonder whether Nintendo will show similar benevolence towards YouTube user aryoksini, who's released a video demonstration of his own project — a remake of Super Mario 64. This is an interesting one as it takes the move-set and animations — or so it seems — of the Nintendo 64 but incorporates more modern Mario assets. It's a work in progress using the open-source Blender engine, but it's an impressive early showing nevertheless.

It'll certainly be worth seeing how far this progresses, and again shows the lengths that some fans will go to celebrate their favourite games.