Tetris Multitool

Amazon is full of useful and culturally relevant knick-knacks, from banana slicers to books on How to Avoid Huge Ships. The pioneering team over at Tiny Cartridge has stumbled across what may be perhaps the most important Amazon discovery of our generation: the 5-in-1 Tetris Multitool — the packaging for which rather humorously has a typo.

The Multitool is essentially a Swiss army knife shaped like a tetromino — that's the official name for Tetris blocks, but if you didn't already know that, you may not be the target demographic for a 5-in-1 Tetris Multitool. It's the same root word as "domino," but with the Greek "tetra" prefix for "four" since all tetrominoes are comprised of four squares. Nifty, eh?

Not only does the 5-in-1 Tetris Multitool come with a bottle opener, knife, scissors, and both flathead and crosshead screwdrivers, but it's also got a handy keychain so you can wear it on your person and be the envy of all your friends. The Multitool's manufacturer, Paladone Products, carries a wide array of other Tetris-themed products, from cookie cutters to desk lamp sets to ice trays. The company's official website says it's based in the global metropolis of "near Brighton", too. You can find more life-changing products on Amazon as well as a number of venerable retailers like Urban Outfitters and Walgreens.

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