Mighty No9 Screennew

In February we posted a video of Keiji Inafune testing Mighty No. 9, a short clip in which he seemed rather pleased with the work in progress. An extended version has now been released that shows a ledge climb animation, more of the background test and, right at the end, a demonstration of the death animation.

The developers have also used a recent update to outline some moves that Beck will have at his disposal, including a download dash and backward jump not shown in the video. In terms of the storyline, meanwhile, Beck is the ninth of his family, sent to deal with the other eight once they've begun their path of destruction; all to aid his creator currently called "Dr. White" — sneaky stuff, Comcept.

You can see the extended video below, which makes the April 2015 release on the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores — and various other platforms — feel like a long way off.

[source destructoid.com]