Nintendo is still producing some of the most fun, creative and enjoyable gaming experiences that money can buy, but it's also well-known for business pragmatism and a steady, focused approach to its work. That certainly applies to the buildings it constructs for its employees in Japan, and they can only truly be described as functional.

Earlier this year the rather square Intelligent Systems development building was photographed, its very presence a testament to the continued importance of the development team housed within. Now Kotaku — via Inside Games — has published a series of rather detailed images of the new Development HQ that Nintendo has built. Its construction is part of a strategy unveiled in 2011, as it'll house the hardware and software teams under one roof, allowing them to work more closely together. Satoru Iwata has emphasized recently, once again, that Nintendo will bring its hardware and software strategies and development closer together, and this Kyoto building — reportedly similar in scale to the company's primary HQ — will facilitate just that.


It's hardly inspirational design, of course, with Nintendo's buildings often incorporating this look in its homeland. Below is the original and current Kyoto HQ, if you don't believe us.

Kyoto HQ

We think most would agree that a large site — which will apparently host over 1500 staff — to cover development of software and hardware can only be beneficial; with Nintendo making much of the 'synergy' between its games and systems, this unified facility may play a valuable role for years to come.

If what comes out of the building is exciting, we'll forgive its boring exterior.