While some aspects of Nintendo are universal regardless of territory, the Club Nintendo promotions and catalogues do vary depending on where you live. That can be for better or worse, but can also be the source of some friendly rivalry between fans around the globe.

While the coins system and monthly download treats in North America are undoubtedly attractive, occasionally the European and Australian equivalents have some neat collectibles to boast about (Update: these cards were previously a 2012 Platinum reward for Club Nintendo in North America, thanks for the comments!). Recently added in what us old people call the 'PAL region' are Premium Mario Playing Cards, which have the following description and slightly amusing warning.

These super-shiny playing cards, decorated with images of your favourite Mario characters and power-ups, are sure to make any card game special! Pack includes 54 semi-transparent plastic playing cards (52 cards, plus two Jokers). Measures approx. 6 x 9 cm

(Note: Due to the production process, some reflective material may remain on the outer edges of the cards, which may be transferred to hands after prolonged use.)

You can see images above and below. In Europe these cards will set you back 3000 stars, while in Australia they're a good amount less at 2000 stars. Are you tempted to grab these?

A big thanks to Mark for the tip.