Special Edition Mega Charizard X 3DS XL

Pokémon tournaments over the past few years have continued to grow in popularity along with the series. With US Regionals on the horizon, and the video game and trading card seasons in full swing, the series is at a pinnacle of popularity.

The Pokémon Dragon Tournament occurs every year in Japan and consists of participants currently in grade school. Competitors must compete in both Pokémon X & Y, as well as the trading card game. In keeping with the theme of the tournament, all participants must have a Dragon-type Pokémon on their team. This year, however, the prizes for the event are quite amazing.

The prize for the both the winner of the video game portion as well as the trading card game is a special edition 3DS XL model; only two of these models exist exclusively for this tournament. The lid of the device features a Mega Charizard X graphic while the back is specially designed with the victor’s name printed on the system itself.

At this point, this device seems to be the rarest 3DS model created to date. Over the past few months, various Pokémon themed 3DS models have surfaced including Charizard, Eevee, and the recent Trozei model. In the western world, the special edition Pikachu and X & Y models were available for a limited time.

Do you like the design of these special models? What other designs for 3DS models would you like to see?

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