We're going Luigi crazy on Nintendo Life today, marking the end of the Year of Luigi. Nintendo UK has kindly donated four special Year of Luigi coins (pictured below) that our UK readers can win. You may remember that Nintendo offered some Year of Luigi coins via Club Nintendo, however those that we have up for grabs are slightly different and were only available to attendees at E3 2013.

The Prize: A Limited Edition Year of Luigi coin from E3 2013

How to win

If you're logged in to your Nintendo Life account, and you're in the United Kingdom, we've hidden some special Luigi coins around the website; if you spot one hiding on a page, make sure you click it!

Once you've found a coin you'll need to answer three Luigi-themed questions in succession to win one of our coins; if you get an answer wrong you'll have to start all over again and find another coin. Once all four coins are allocated the treasure hunt will be over, so don't wait too long to trawl through pages where you think we may have hidden these Luigi-themed treats.

Good luck!

Update: All our coins have now been found! Congratulations to Alienjesus88, Bulbousaur, PaRappa and TheHaydenator who each will receive one of the coins! Thanks for taking part.

[source nintendolife.com]