Heading down under

Our review of Evofish went live earlier this week and it was described as a “remarkably shallow experience" but one that was "inexpensive enough to warrant a download" for those desperate for new multiplayer experiences on the Wii U.

Despite the title’s inability to make a serious splash here on Nintendo Life, the developer of the Wii U eShop title Moving Player has now revealed via its Twitter account that Evofish will be released in Australia and New Zealand this April.

According to the update, the fishy offering is currently undergoing the grueling Australian classification process, which is known for muddling about with the occasional game release. So, if you're an Aussie who has been anticipating the arrival of Evofish it's certainly good news.

On a slightly different note, Moving Player also announced via Twitter that it is working on Classic & Pro Controller support for Evofish, along with a "GamePad only" mode.

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