Waiting for the Dawn - Official Artwork

It's unsurprising that The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is treasured by many Nintendo gamers, with the calls for a remake persisting on a yearly basis. For those that do hope for that day, and that remastered visuals will also be accompanied by a sweeping orchestral soundtrack, this new EP from musician Rozen should capture the imagination.

Rozen has produced Waiting for the Dawn: I. The Predicament Of The Four, the first of two parts; the second — "We Shall Greet the Morning…Together" — is coming soon. It's an impressive orchestral performance, with a full choir also contributing; the composition reimagines the "Time’s End" events of the game. For those familiar with the events and source material, we suspect this will bring back fond memories.

This is a wonderful four and a half minutes with great credit due to Rozen, as well as a lengthy cast of musicians and contributors. Check it out below (refresh the page if the embedded audio isn't visible) and let us know what you think. This can also be downloaded for free on Soundcloud.

Many thanks to Darren Kerwin for the tip.