Occasionally we post on new additions to the respective Club Nintendo catalogues in different regions, because as loyal gamers that spend a lot of money we like to get the odd "free" treat. Nintendo of Europe is the latest to offer you some bang for your stars, adding "3DS XL Power-Up Pouches" on its Club Nintendo page; we'll forgive the inconsistent use of a hyphen in the names...

These will set Europeans back 2500 stars, with the product description as follows:

This soft draw-string pouch with lined interior, decorated with iconic Mario power-up images, is the ideal way to store your Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo DS or any precious items you have to hand!

For our money these could do with having slightly bolder colours, but perhaps some prefer subtlety. Will you be bringing the Club Nintendo servers to a crashing halt by jumping over to the website to secure a super-duper-power pouch? Let us know in the comments.