This one's definitely there

No matter how much games change, some things stay the same — like 'Start' screens. Nowadays they represent a "this has finally stopped loading, wake up" screen, but in the NES days the focus was arguably different — load times weren't a particular issue, so they perhaps felt more like arcade-style prompts to give that initial buzz. They could simply be text, have minor animations, and in rare cases have some poor-quality voices blurting out the title.

They can stick with you, however, so it's perhaps not surprising that someone is gunning for a nostalgia overload by compiling every NES Start screen into one single video. They're in alphabetical order and the video is a little under three hours, so a comfy chair is required.

We're taking the word of YouTuber NicksplosionFX that every NES game is included in their video. If he's missed any, let us know below, while this seems like a good opportunity to reminisce on some old 8-bit favourites.