N64 Vsxboxone

A new comparison video by Jeff Rubin, in which he pits the Xbox One against 1996's Nintendo 64, has proven what many of us have known all along: the Nintendo 64 is hands-down the superior system.

The short tongue-in-cheek video (see below) actually makes a pretty compelling case as to why Nintendo's 64-bit classic is indeed the better console; it's cheaper, had the better launch line-up (read: Super Mario 64) and still loads games quicker, despite its advanced age.

Not only that, but the N64 has the one piece of software that simply can't be found anywhere else: GoldenEye 007. Funnily enough, both Nintendo and Microsoft actually explored the possibilities of releasing a downloadable version of the game for their respective systems during the last generation. In fact, original creator Rare even developed a high-definition Xbox Live Arcade port, whereas Nintendo tried to secure a Virtual Console version of the original, both of which never saw a release due to a multitude of legal and licensing issues.

Microsoft hasn't yet announced any new marketing plans with which it hopes to counter the N64, but we imagine that a number of marketing executives within the Xbox Division are desperately looking for ways to usurp the Xbox One's newest and most threatening competitor.

Do you own an Xbox One? How do you think it fares against the legendary Nintendo 64? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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