Visuals bathed in neon and charm

The 3DS eShop has given plenty of new developers the chance to show off their skills, and provided us with no shortage of quality titles either. It's a breeding ground for some fantastic innovation, and now UK studio Mojo Bones has one hugely colourful new idea to show off. Arriba!!

Designer Stuart Ryall has pointed us towards the latest trailer for its downloadable title Siesta Fiesta, showcasing plenty of gameplay and some sumptuous visuals, too.

Siesta Fiesta blends together elements of a sidescroller, pinball game and block breaker into one hectic package, and its looking like they all fit together pretty darn well. With 8 regions, over 55 levels — including 8 Piñata bosses — and multiple game modes to choose from, 3DS owners can start preparing themselves for a few sleepless nights with this potential carnival of a title.

The trailer announces a release window of March 2014, so we don't have too long to wait. Until then, you can check out our interview with Mojo Bones if you're after some more juicy details, like how it will all run at a gloriously slick 60 frames per second. Is this one on your radar?