It's a good album set, then...

Years from now we may refer to "doing a Capcom Anniversary", with a knowing wink and nudge. For example, in a parallel universe Nintendo didn't celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Zelda franchise by releasing Skyward Sword with a special CD and a game plot right at the beginning of the timeline, but sold us Link-shaped USB memory sticks instead. And figurines. And tissue boxes shaped like Epona. But no game.

That's what Capcom pulled with Mega Man, unfortunately, giving fans lots of memorabilia to buy but no new game in the series; no, Street Fighter X Mega Man doesn't really count. But still, if you are a fan of soundtrack albums and collectibles the Mega Man anniversary has been a feast, especially if you're willing to import from Japan. One example of genuinely outstanding fan service is the Rockman X Sound Box, which is a 12-disc album featuring 490 tracks and sound samples from the Mega Man X series of games. It costs over $120 USD and has to be imported, but it's an impressive set nevertheless.

Purchases like that aren't on the cards for everyone, however, and the folks over at Rockman Corner have taken four previous unheard tracks from these albums and uploaded them to YouTube. These are as follows:

The first piece is, assumingly, an unused stage select theme. This is followed by alternate/early compositions of existing themes: Chill Penguin stage (00:48), Maverick encounter (2:21), and Sigma stage 3 (3:00).

You can listen to them below, even if you can't enjoy the other 486 tracks in the video.

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