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Jools Watsham, co-founder of Renegade Kid, has proven a master of the teaser this month. He recently said that the studio was preparing an announcement for "FPS lovers and 3DS owners", bringing to mind the company's early days on the DS and prompting some to express a desire for a sequel to Moon.

The rumour mill is grinding into gear now, with Renegade Kid confirming that it has now regained publication rights to Moon, following the expiry of a five year agreement with Mastiff Games.

In follow-up comments made to Polygon, Watsham stated that he's certainly interested in working on the franchise in the future.

We're very excited to have one of our babies back home in the Renegade Kid crib. Moon is a game we are incredibly proud of, and have always wanted to do more with Major Kane's interstellar story.

Due to various reasons, we weren't able to pursue these wishes in the past, but now we have the freedom to explore the 'Moon' universe. This is a very exciting prospect for us, and something I think many fans of the game will be happy about.

Eager spotters on NeoGaf have also posted a recent trademark filing by Renegade Kid for Moon Chronicles, with Watsham engaging full nudge-nudge-wink-wink mode on the matter on Twitter.

Of course, the upcoming announcement may not be Moon-related at all, but it seems odds-on right now.

We shall see, but in terms of building awareness and anticipation? Well played, Renegade Kid.

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