It's all falling into place

Since the release of the excellent King of Kong, it's fair to say that the world of video game high-score chasing has become a little more respectable. The documentary showed that the people who post these amazing scores are necessarily locking themselves away in rooms for weeks at a time; they're normal people with families and jobs that have held onto their dream of achieving something noteworthy in the realm of their favourite hobby.

Spurred on by the movie, Helen Stephens has started a campaign to discover the UK's best "classic" Game Boy Tetris player. She recently bought her boyfriend an original monochrome Game Boy and a copy of the game — apparently, his previous high score was pretty decent, back in the day.

The aim is to film her other half playing Tetris constantly and catalogue his attempts to smash the world high score, as well as arranging a UK tournament which will prove once and for all who is the best block-buster in the entire country. At the end of it all, a documentary will be produced that can be sold on DVD.

The Kickstarter goal is £30,000 (around $50,000 / 36,000 Euros), and anyone who pledges £100 or more will be interviewed in the final feature. Is this something you can get behind? Do you still play a mean game of Tetris? Sound off in the comments to tell us.

Thanks to Jake Smith for the tip.