Jasco Games will have a lot of production to handle thanks to generous fans

In further proof that the words "Mega Man" cause a violent reaction in money that makes it leap out of wallets and hurl itself kamikaze-like into screens, the Kickstarter for the Mega Man Board Game ended yesterday with almost six times the funding it initially requested.

Jasco Games's Kickstarter finished at around $415,000 after setting a goal for $70,000. An army of stretch goals were blazed through on the way, adding robot masters Time Man and Oil Man plus a bevy of additional figure pieces (now in colour), card packs and dice, among other things. In short, backers will have a lot coming in their board game boxes.

Backing is still possible through PayPal, according to Jasco, and pledges may still be modified through BackerKit. The Mega Man Board Game is currently expected to be released in October 2014.

It looks like Mega Man and tabletop fans alike will have plenty to play with when this game comes out. If you backed the project, let us know below what excites you most about it!

[source kickstarter.com, via blog.jascogames.com]