Kirby CD

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is out now in Japan, which is sure to make fans of the pink one jealous in the West; our import expert's currently preparing some early footage and impressions for you. We know that it'll make it to PAL and North American regions this year, but Nintendo is yet to pin down a more precise release window.

Yet still, when it does arrive we hope that the regional Club Nintendo services each receive this CD album that's graced the Japanese version. It has 46 tracks — some, it seems, are sound samples — along with three bonus music tracks, while those that register the game can pick it up for 250 stars instead of 400. With classy case and CD designs to boot, these will surely get sucked up soon.

For those of us outside Japan the only option is to look on with envy; fingers crossed for a similar offer when the game makes it outside of Japan.

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