They sure are pretty

While many may be gearing up to play the latest games and systems this festive season, some may dig out some retro goodies to amuse over the Holidays. For those busting out a Nintendo 64, it may also be an occasion to bemoan its ageing looks; each year takes that new console shine further and further away.

There is a small but popular market for refurbished consoles, of course, examples of which we've shared before, and one company now revamping the Nintendo 64 is Lëkki. It's offering systems with attractive new exteriors — in colour options orange and white, blue and white, green and white as well as yellow and white — a controller and a copy of Super Mario 64.

These units may look lovely, but they are costly — our resident Nintendo 64 collector and expect Martin Watts described the asking price as "extraordinarily high". The current asking price is €120, that's roughly £101 / $164USD; even with a copy of the game and a controller, that's high compared to the cost of an original system. You're ultimately paying for the refurbishment work and appealing new look, though it should be considered that shipping costs will also add to the price.

What do you think of these? Would you ever splash the cash on one?

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