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Tappingo is the next title from Hugo Smits of Goodbye Galaxy Games, the developer that earned our DSiWare Game of the Year Award in 2012; it may not have been a crowded field, but Ace Mathician was a clever, charming game.

As revealed previously, Tappingo has some similarities in design to Picross, though adopts different rules

Solve pixel art puzzles by making numbered blocks extend into lines. Sounds easy? wait until you find out these lines keep running unless they hit something! Be smart and use other blocks and lines to stop the line at the correct length.

Game Boy had Tetris, Nintendo DS had Picross. Now 3DS players get their puzzle craze called Tappingo!

There's now a Vine to show the game in action, posted by Mr Goodbye Galaxy Games, Hugo Smit. The developer has also forwarded some new screens (also below), two of which show larger puzzles that'll be an important part of the experience.

This'll be Goodbye Galaxy Games' 3DS eShop début; are you interested in this one?

New Screen2
New Screen3
New Screen4