The 'fish regurgitating trophies' trend seems to have died down

With Mario Kart 8 on the horizon, you wouldn't be judged for wiping away a lone tear when thinking of some of the many great kart games of yesteryear. But as with any retro-binge, we are sometimes faced with a terrible realisation after a race down memory lane – these classic titles are lacking many of the beloved modern-day features we have come to take for granted.

Super World Karts GP is set to rectify that problem, providing us with a SNES-inspired kart game but throwing in all of the modern features that we know and love, such as 1080p HD resolution and Achievements.

Drawing inspiration from karting games of the past, and boasting an eye-catching Mode-7 art style, Super World Karts GP features a host of different characters, a bunch of weapons to hurl into one another, boost pads and shortcuts.

Each race ends with a 3-star ranking, with only the highest ranks being achieved if you manage to collect rings that have been scattered along each track, as well as finding and collecting golden mushrooms.

Octopi surely have an unfair advantage when hurling fruit

Super World Karts GP also boasts 3 speed classes - 50CC, 100CC and 150CC - so you'll manage to squeeze plenty of life out of each track.

Creator Paul Hamilton wishes to make an authentic, retro-inspired kart racer and cites Mario Kart as one of his many inspirations for the title.

Super World Karts GP is inspired chiefly by the original Mario Kart game from the SNES, StreetRacer from the MegaDrive, and Wacky Wheels on the PC. It is something I've longed to do, and to do right. I often try new kart games I see popping up on the app store but they're almost always uninspired advertisements for kids movies (and play terribly).

This KickStarter project, originally billed for iOS, Android and Ouya, but now also with a Wii U stretch goal of $25,000, currently stands at just over $4,500 and has 10 days to go.

You can learn more on the campaign page. Are you excited for this retro-inspired racer?