Family gaming

Zelda Williams is a famous and very talented actress in her right, but seeing as this is a Nintendo site read by Nintendo fans, there's a good chance many of you know her best from the recent Zelda adverts she starred in with her dad, Robin Williams. (He's pretty famous too, so we hear.)

Williams was famously named after the NES title The Legend of Zelda, but since her participation in the aforementioned TV commercials she has apparently been on the receiving end of attacks suggesting that she's a "fake" gamer and somehow a "paid shill" for Nintendo.

She took to GoNintendo the other day to put such claims to rest:

I’d like to start by saying that I don’t work for Nintendo. I did those commercials with my dad years ago now and enjoyed them thoroughly, but the belief that my love of gaming is false and created for those spots has plagued me ever since. I’d like to state, for hopefully the last time, that it is not. I was named after a video game by two parents (and a brother) that love them. I didn’t have to love them too… but, like many of you, I do, and hopefully always will.

Anywho, onwards!

This was a difficult year for Nintendo. Between the new platform upgrades beating out the WiiU and the loss of visionary ex-president Hiroshi Yamauchi, the man who brought Nintendo into the video game world in the first place, times have been better. But when things look down, it’s important to remember why we all grew to love Nintendo so much in the first place.

Now, I won’t pretend to only have one system in my house. Like most video game players, I’ve tried my hand at every company’s platform. But unlike Nintendo, the Xbox or the Playstation will never be the system I grew up with. It will never be the creator of the first games I ever played, the one’s that made me love gaming. Those are games I still play with my parents, my brothers, my family, and hopefully always will. So while some people are quick to critique Nintendo for not changing with the hyper-realistic, violent times, I commend them for sticking to their family friendly guns (irony intended). And here’s why.

I will never be nostalgic for the first Halo. I don’t go back to replay old Call of Duty games when the newer, shinier ones come out. And while those games and their legacies are impressive, I doubt we’ll be buying antiquated systems or rereleased discs to play them again in all their obsolete glory decades from now. I will happily continue to do so for Nintendo. And while I wouldn’t want to imagine a gaming world without those other companies and games (I do so love me some Master Chief), I can’t imagine a gaming world without Nintendo. And hopefully I’ll never have to.

Happy Holidays all.

It's nice to see such a famous person publicly speak of their love for Nintendo, and Williams certainly hits the nail on the head — it's unlikely that Sony and Microsoft's systems will be regarded in quite the same way as Nintendo's in the decades to come.