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It's no secret that Monster Hunter 4 has been a significant success in Japan, quickly surpassing Capcom's sales projections and capturing the imagination of 3DS owners in the country; it's now hit another major sales landmark to emphasize its success on Nintendo's portable system.

Capcom has confirmed that the title has surpassed four million units shipped, which tellingly also includes POS (point of sales) download cards and purchases directly from the 3DS eShop. This success has also taken the overall sales of the franchise beyond 28 million units. To emphasize the cultural impact the game is having in Japan, Capcom outlined various events taking place in Japan for the game.

The highly successful "Monster Hunter 4" features many new elements that have generated a strong response among game players. For example, this is the first game in "Monster Hunter" series with dimensional action that exploits differences in height. This game also uses the Internet to offer a multiplayer capability. Moreover, marketing activities have employed a variety of promotions. There are collaborations with companies in the food and beverage, apparel and other categories outside the game sector. Capcom staged the "Monster Hunter Festa '13" in five cities across Japan that had total attendance of 48,500. There are also TV commercials with celebrities and many other activities. The resulting support over a broad range of user segments has propelled sales of "Monster Hunter 4" to more than 4 million units only about two and a half months after the launch.

More events are planned to create even greater interest in this game. One is the ongoing "Monster Hunter 4 in Nanja Town", an event held in collaboration with a partner that allows visitors to enjoy a hunting experience. Starting in February 2014, Capcom will use a tie-up with Universal Studios Japan to hold an event called "Monster Hunter the Real 2014". There is also a regional revitalization campaign with Shibu hot spring resort in Nagano prefecture. Capcom plans to continue to use a variety of promotional activities in order to further increase the value of the "Monster Hunter" brand.

Naturally we hope that this success will prompt Capcom to give the franchise another opportunity to crack the West; hopefully 2014 will deliver just that. The company is diverting some Monster Hunter 4 profits to a small studio focused on smartphone software, but reinvesting parts of money made is pretty standard for any business.

We're waiting, Capcom.

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