When Miiverse recently launched on the 3DS one shortcoming was its rather limited selection of communities. While users can post about anything they want on Activity Feeds, the option to include screenshots was limited to just 23 games, a list that unsurprisingly missed even some of Nintendo's own major titles.

Like its Wii U and web browser contemporaries Miiverse on 3DS can be updated at any time by Nintendo without affecting users — a practice used weekly to add new Wii U eShop communities, for example. The list of 3DS communities has now grown to 34, with the following games all added.

There are still a number of terrific retail titles to be added, while the 3DS list is yet to incorporate all eShop downloads in the same manner as its Wii U contemporary. Perhaps there's just one poor soul in Nintendo tasked with adding the communities, so we're sure they're working on it.

Which of the new communities do you plan to jump into, and what others would you still like to see?