When it comes to inspiring video game culture Nintendo is arguably top of the class, and one game — among many — that can inspire impressive levels of fan devotion is Super NES RPG EarthBound. Its release on the Virtual Console this year caused a frenzy of excitement after years of waiting, satisfying waiting retro gamers and introducing new players to its charms,

Fans love the series, which has led to entire translations and other dedicated work in its name; 3D Designer Christopher Behr has now weighed in with an impressive recreation of EarthBound's Onett in HD 3D models. It's gone viral over on Reddit, and it certainly makes us wonder how a modern title in the series would look.

Check out all of the images below and let us know what you think, and they're even available to order as prints at www.redbubble.com; for comparison there's also an image of the original Onett.


Old Onett

Christopher Behr's Designs

Image ONE

Our thanks to Shane for the tip.

[source reddit.com, via christopherbehr.com]