A YouTube user who goes by the name of MikeHandidate managed to outdo even the eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein this Halloween by dressing up as none other than a giant, fully functioning Game Boy Color.

While the costume does share some similarities to Frankenstein's monster in that it's a tad unsightly, it's nevertheless an impressive achievement, mainly because it has the ability to run games. Moreover, other people can actually play using the control setup installed into each of the costume's gloves. In case you're wondering why the picture above features Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green, it's because MikeHandidate opted to use the components of a Game Boy Advance system instead.

It may not be truly authentic (although the Game Boy Advance does feature backwards compatibility with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games), but the costume's creator decided that the Game Boy Advance would be more suitable for the 16:10 aspect ratio screen that he ended up using.

We've included a video below which shows the costume in action. If you could go dressed as a fully functioning video games system, what would you be?

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